Web Project

CLIENT: Dr. Eve Rockafellow

ABOUT: Dr. Eve is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Craniosacral & Acutonics Therapist, and Shamanic Ceremonialist in Los Angeles. As a compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare professional, Dr. Eve uses gentle, non-invasive methods to effectively treat physical injuries, depression, anxiety, and spiritual disconnection.

DESIGN GOAL: Dr. Eve was looking to combine two older websites into one, and overhaul the content to better reflect her current offerings. And to help users to find what they need more easily, we created a more organized navigational structure and streamlined the information and pricing throughout the site.

Dr. Eve Rockafellow, Naturopath Los Angeles

Clear Service Explanations

For most, Dr. Eve’s holistic and spiritual work ranges from not-well-understood to completely unknown. In order for Eve to reach a broader audience, it was important to effectively communicate the benefits of each of her services and how someone in pain (physical, mental, or spiritual) would utilize each.

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