Web Project

CLIENT: Food by Bri

ABOUT: Food by Bri is a holistic plant-based chef service, whose services appeal to a health-conscious audience. Most of Chef Bri’s clientele are busy executives who appreciate high quality and have little time to search for solutions.

DESIGN GOAL: Chef Bri wanted an elegant, high-end look with an ultra-clean design, crisp fonts and vibrant images. The site needed to present all the information her clients would need to make a decision, in as few words as possible.


Food by Bri Homepage

Responsive Design Elements

When the iPad is held horizontally, it looks pretty much like it does on a laptop. But when you turn the iPad vertically, you can see that the navigation menu is now condensed to accommodate the new screen size, and is accessible by touch rather than being fully exposed. Likewise, the images on the vertical iPad now take up the entire width of the screen with a semi-transparent description overlaying the image. You can see below how other page elements have adjusted intelligently to fit its new screen size.

Food by Bri on iPad (responsive design)

More Responsive Elements

Below is the homepage as seen on the iPad held horizontally, iPad held vertically, and a smartphone. Each design element also responds fluidly for other size tablets when smart phones are held horizontally. It all just works.

Responsive Elements

Trifold Brochure

Printed Trifold Brochure

Branded Business Cards

Branded Business Cards