Business Operations

Boost operational efficiencies & execute on key initiatives

Simplify chaos

There are a couple of ways we can work together. I can help you to…

1. Streamline your processes & workflows

Broken processes and overtaxed employees can hurt your ability to grow sales as well as your ability to deliver on them. In turn, this can damage your brand’s reputation, drain morale, and churn both customers and employees.

While it’s tempting to throw people at the problem, you’ll often find that you lose efficiency with each new hire. So whether you’re growing faster than your company can keep up or want to get ahead of the growth, giving focus to your processes and workflows is typically a wise investment.

What this might entail, depending on your needs

  • Replace scrappy workarounds with streamlined processes that scale
  • Implement organizational tools and workflows that drive efficiencies
  • Negotiate, implement & onboard productivity tools and marketing technologies
  • Analyze company data (sales, marketing, financial, HR) to surface issues and cost-saving opportunities
  • Transform budgets into smart financial models that facilitate decision-making at various levels of the org
  • Inhale, synthesize & disseminate knowledge (training/onboarding, documentation)
  • Organize digital assets and company knowledge, so they’re easier to access, update, and consume
  • Develop reusable templates to clarify roles, responsibilities, expectations, and success metrics
  • Identify, negotiate, implement company-wide tools & resources (OKR software, payroll systems, 401k programs)
  • Write powerful job descriptions to attract superstars, ensuring both skill and cultural fit
Project manage key company initiatives

2. Execute on key company initiatives

“We’re often so busy managing the day-to-day it’s hard to find time for the projects we need to grow/scale.” What a conundrum! You’ve identified important projects that need to get done, but no one has the time to do them.

Maybe it’s a series of smaller projects and you need someone who can knock them out without a lot of handholding. Or they’re larger initiatives that span functional teams and have lots of moving parts. Either way, you need an experienced and adaptable ‘Swiss Army knife’ who can dive in, get up to speed quickly, and handle whatever’s thrown her way.

What this typically involves

  • Transform complex initiatives into tangible deliverables
  • Break high-level strategies into highly-organized, bite-sized action plans
  • Build and lead cross-functional teams to deliver results
  • Create and manage project budgets
  • Clearly define roles, responsibilities, milestones, and KPIs
  • Develop team or project-based SMART goals or OKRs
  • Foresee and clear roadblocks with scheduled standups & ad hoc meetings
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with stakeholders
  • Keep everyone on board and moving forward during the inevitable pivots
  • Celebrate successes; manage morale through challenging moments
  • Dive in, wherever needed, to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines