Strategic, hands-on operations for ambitious teams on the path to success

I design early-stage operational systems, processes, and data intelligence to un-silo teams and power scalable growth.

I work closely with your teams on an interim, fractional, or project-to-project basis. Engagements generally run 6 to 24 months.

Where do you need the most help?

Freelance business operations startups
Sturdy foundation

Business operations

Stand up your organization’s productivity tools, templates, OKR structure, onboarding processes, training documentation, etc.

Freelance data analyst tech SaaS
Competitive advantage

Action-oriented dashboards

Design high-utility dashboards that guide decisions from granular optimizations to executive-level planning.

Freelance revenue operations startups

Revenue operations

Customize and weave together tools, automations, goals, and metrics across sales, marketing, and customer success.

Dashboard visualization freelancer startups
Chaos cleanse

Deep problem-solving

Identify/fix complex data and workflow issues. Untangle the pandemonium of reporting, documentation & file organization.

Business operations freelancer early stage

Planning models

Develop what-if analytic models for pricing, revenue, budget/forecasting, hiring, and more – thoughtfully designed for ease of use.

Freelance project managment tech
Key initiatives

Project management

Lead the planning, execution, success tracking, and change management for key strategic initiatives, large or small.

“We were able to accomplish things that might have required several more people for other companies, largely because of the operational processes Sheryl put in place.”

Joe Zulli

President & CTO, HomeBay

“Great skill at making innovation real by taking big ideas, parsing them into achievable milestones and keeping you honest about hitting your targets.”

Evan Labb

GM, Shop at Home

“Sheryl is exceptional in her ability to come into a new situation, understand its inner workings and develop processes and procedures to improve its operation. Her enthusiasm and work ethic is contagious and she raises the bar for performance by impeccable example.”

Stella Louise

Marketing, MyPoints

“Sheryl makes things happen like nobody else. She helped through enormous growth. We remained successful during this time, because Sheryl put the processes and systems in place to help manage that growth. And we did it without adding a lot of administrative overhead. No small feat.”

Pete Mauro

Founder, xSCAPE Games

“Sheryl is a highly skilled leader with operational acumen, vision and perspective. She approaches every challenge by defining the objectives and time frames, and consistently creates efficient and tangible solutions.”

Jacob Shin

VP Marketing, HomeBay

“Sheryl operates with extraordinary integrity and you can trust her completely with the most sensitive company information. She played a very large role in setting up the systems and procedures needed to take to the next level.”

Loren Bendele


“Sheryl always made it a point to foster my growth. Her leadership style helped with my transition into a new role and she became a great mentor for me. I greatly appreciate everything that she did.”

Ray Putt

Business Intelligence Engineer, Amazon

“Sheryl’s ability to quickly dissect the inner workings of the company, understand challenges, and streamline operations across all departments was crucial to our success early on. As a direct report what I appreciated most was her ongoing commitment to continually mentor and develop the skills of her team.”

Tom Kuljis

Operations Manager, & HomeBay

“I am very impressed with how Sheryl built out almost every facet of during its early stage growth phase. Whether it was SEM, SEO, Finance, HR, Corporate Planning, process improvements, etc., she was able to attack every problem and solve it.”

Greg Kim

Chief Marketing Officer, Slickdeals

“When Sheryl started, we were a scrappy group of about eight people and had little to no processes in place. Within a short amount of time, she got us situated so that we were able to scale to nearly 70 employees.”

Sara Korab

Director of Influencer Marketing,

Sheryl Ryan

I inhale chaos and exhale structure.

Highly analytical, insatiably curious, and obsessed with efficiency, I thrive on investigating and solving complex problems, (re)engineering workflows, plowing through roadblocks, and un-siloing teams through interwoven systems. I’m a process junky and data whisperer with a hyper sense of organizational design, a fierce dedication to simplicity, and a keen ability to create structure from chaos.

I’ve successfully planned and executed key company initiatives across sales, marketing, client success, HR, finance, and business intelligence/analytics for fast-growing startups and scale-ups (e.g.,, Vacasa, HomeBay, Impact, GloballyHired), mid-sized consumer products (e.g., Teleflora, Fiji Water), and large multinationals (e.g., Toyota).

I hold a B.S. in Finance from Rutgers University’s School of Business, an M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in “Figure it out, kid!” from the prestigious school of hard knocks. I am conversational in Spanish (or at least I used to be) and have lived and worked in Australia, South America, and across the US.

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Interim and fractional COO for tech startups and scale-ups